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We specialize in both small and large scale events such as weddings, pre-wedding events, private events or private dinner parties.

We also cater to varying venues such as restaurants or halls. Each menu item can be completely customized to your preference and need.

Having started in 2022 we are in the market to bring a fresh perspective to the Italian Catering industry providing authentic and memorable dishes.

Our team consists of our family of owners and head chef- Gianpaolo Russo. Assistant to him, Mateo Michelin. Co-owners Mike Michelin & Rajan Toor. And our operations team lead by Mug Michelin


Lasagna Bolognese


Gianpaolo Russo

Born and raised in Naples, Italy, our chef Gianpaolo Russo's earliest memory was in the kitchen with his Nonna. Through his cooking he hopes to re-create the experiences he had of tasting the bliss of Italian cooking throughout his childhood.

Bringing his talent and passion for cooking to Vancouver in 2015, he previously worked as a pizza chef in Naples. Once here, he assisted in curating menu's in renowned Vancouver restaurants and cafes.

Now creating his own name with La Costa catering and pursing his dream, he hopes to bring a new perspective to Italian catering in BC




Antipasto Skewers

Cured Meats, Cheeses, Pickled Vegetables + Olives

Custom options available


Beef Meatballs cooked 1 of 2 ways

Classic- Tomato Sauce

White- Mushroom Cream Sauce

V- Vegetarian GF-Gluten Free N- Contains Nuts

Most dishes can be made Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free or Gluten Free Upon Request


Diced Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic+ Basil v


Filled with Mozzarella or Bolognese + Served with Tomato Sauce v

Deep Fried Pasta Dish - In Zucchini Cream or Bolognese v

Chef's Special - Frittatine

Pasta Dishes

Bolognese- Classic Meat Sauce

Pork Sausage + Mushroom - Mild or Spicy Sausage

Seafood- Mussels, Squid + Shrimp

Spicy Arrabbiata – with Smoked Italian Bacon, Tomato, Garlic + Chili Flakes

Classic Pomodoro – Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Basil + Capers v

Sorrentina –Fior di latte Cheese + Basil v

Spicy - with Cherry Tomatoes v

Cream Base

Pork Sausage + Mushroom Cream-- Milld or Spicy Sausage

Smoked Salmon, Cognac + Cream

White Bolognese- Classic Meat Sauce (Pork of Beef) in Cream

Mushroom Cream v

Zucchini Cream v

Tomato Base

Bolognese- Classic Meat Sauce with Béchamel Cream + Fior di Latte Cheese

Pork Sausage- Mushroom Cream Sauce, Béchamel Cream + Smoked Cheese

Mushroom- Mushroom Cream Sauce, Smoked Cheese + Roasted Potatoes v

Pesto- Zucchini Cream Sauce, Béchamel + Fior di Latte Cheese v

Each pasta dish can be made with either Penne or Rigatoni




Mushroom- Tomato base, Spicy Salami or Ham + Mushroom

Meat Lovers

Margherita – Tomato base, Basil + Cheese v

Veggie- Pesto or Tomato base, Olive, Pepper, Spinach, Onion + Mushroom

Potato- Pesto Cream base, Roasted Potatoes + Cheese v

Onion + Potato- Roasted Potato, Onion Marmalade + Smoked Cheese v


Custom Flatbreads Available Upon Request

V- Vegetarian GF-Gluten Free N- Contains Nuts

Most dishes can be made Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free or Gluten Free Upon Request


Caprese Cake – Flourless Chocolate Cake v

Cannoli – In chocolate or Classic Cream v

Chocolate Mousse v

Panna Cotta- Sweetened + Creamy v

Tiramisu – Individualized v

Zeppole – Italian Donuts v


Meat + FIsh

Pork Sausage with Bell Pepper

Chicken -

With Bell Pepper

Mushroom Cream Sauce

With Lemon Sauce

In a White Wine Sauce

Salmon- with Potatoes, Cherry Tomato, Olives + Capers

Based on Seasonal Selection

Mixed Roasted Vegetables


Caprese Salad v

Classic Caesar Salad v

Mixed Green Salad v

Potato Salad v


available by appointment

We can arrange tastings to be done from our kitchen located in Yaletown- Vancouver, or we can deliver the food for an at home tasting experience

Group sizes are limited to 6 people per tasting

We will ask that you first fill out an inquiry form. Our chef or team manager will then contact you and create a personalized tasting for you and your group or provide pricing requests

Tastings require a fee of $20.00 per person. Should you book your event with us this fee goes toward your catering cost


Chefs Special- Frittatine in Zucchini Cream


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Pasta in a Mushroom Cream

Vegetarian Arancini